Our Story

Since our opening in 1986,  Mainstreet Cycles has always been dedicated to providing  quality bicycles and merchandise, as well as having a concern for the “total” customer. Mainstreet Cycles is a unique blend of Pro Shop and family shop.  Scott, Tony, Bob and Chuck pride themselves on friendly knowledgeable service. 

Having grown up around the joys of bike riding, Scott quickly developed a passion for the mechanical side of the industry, and then later as a professional staff member  at his local shop.  During this time was the first big “10 speed” boom of the seventies, later followed by the invention and huge success of the first “mountain” bikes.

With this rich and varied background, tempered with actual riding and racing experience, Scott Clark and Mainstreet Cycles has become THE destination shop on the Central Coast. Mainstreet Cycles has clients and customers from all over California who seek true skill and expert service, combined with a positive and inspiring personality!

Using our experience and background as a guideline, Mainstreet Cycles carefully chooses companies to work with and selects products that can meet our high standards.  Being a long standing bike retailer, as well as  cycling consumers ourselves, this has taught us much about what it takes to keep a products “end user” satisfied. 

Over the years we have worked with many bike vendors.  This has provided us with the experience to choose companies that are in alignment with our mission and philosophy.  The bottom line is that ultimately for us to be successful in delivering on our promise of a truly great and long standing relationship with our customers, we need great companies and products behind us.  Companies that support the Independent Bike Retailer, the sport, and all that this great industry stands for. 

After the above paragraph, when you shop at Mainstreet Cycles, you should get a strong, confident feeling and a knowing of why these products are there.

Not only is having quality products vital to the Mainstreet Cycles experience, but so is having the expertise and passion for the whole sport, whole customer.

At Mainstreet Cycles we offer a wide but focused range of services.  Having learned that you cannot be all things to all people all the time, we at Mainstreet Cycles place emphasis on the Road categories, mechanical and custom fitting. Over all professionalism, keeping in step with the latest technology, and true product knowledge from real cycling experience is our goal and standard.  What this means to you is competent work, long lasting value, no BS or gimmicks. 


Full professional fitting and customizing. Custom wheel building and truing. Custom Frames.  Complete pro-builds and overhauls.  Free consultations.


Full fitting with personal instruction on suspension system's.  Complete overhauls and pro-builds.  Hydraulic brake servicing.  Custom wheel building and truing.  For your confidence and protection, suspension product overhauls are sent to manufacturer.  Free consultations. 


All bicycles will come shipped to us in a box.  There is no standard but our own to follow.  We could blast some of these bikes together in twenty minutes, but at Mainstreet Cycles you will get a quality build every time, on every model.  This means that you get a better working, longer lasting bike to enjoy….all at no additional cost!  

If we can be helpful for your cycling needs now or in the future, we welcome your business and value your trust in our store!

Mainstreet Cycles is a locally owned and operated business.  We support and volunteer at many national and local organizations and events. 

Mainstreet Cycles is a proud sponsor of “Team Col Vento”, “Cutters” cycling, and is a proud member of the League of American Bicyclists and the Santa Barbara bike Coalition.  We support and try to help all the local bike clubs.