Bike Fitting

MainStreet Cycles Knows Fitting

Whether you are looking to size for a custom frame, or simply looking to improve your position and performance on an existing bike, Mainstreet Cycles can help. We do custom bike fitting using the well known and Well regarded FIT KIT system , R.A.D. pedal system, and FIT STIK bio statistic measuring devise. Using your own bike or our custom built “Size Cycle”, Scott Clark can help you get optimum comfort and performance.

Fitting Packages

Mainstreet Cycles offers three essential fitting packages: The Standard Fit, The Bike Fit +, and The Pro/Custom Fit. These fitting service packages are designed to balance with the needs of each prospective client.

The “Standard Fit” is designed to get the rider in a good, safe and solid starting position.

Interview with the Cyclist:

  • Understand injury issues- past and present, into the bike fit process.
  • Fitness level and goal setting

Tuning the paramerters of your bicycle:

  • Saddle height and angle
  • Fore and aft position
  • Handlebar width and drop
  • Stem Length and rise
  • Advice on body form and alignment

Cost is $99.99

The “Bike Fit+” is designed to enhance rider performance and/or correct existing fit problems.

Includes all procedures in the Standard Fit PLUS the following:

Interview with the cyclist

  • Core strength
  • Flexibilty
  • Range of motion

Tuning the paramerters of your bicycle:

  • Cleat placement using the RADS System
  • Cleat shim/wedge placement to adress anatomical challenges/ injuries
  • TT/Areo handlebar placement on bike
  • Includes follow-up to address any residual issues

Cost is $149.99

The PRO/Custom Bike Fit is for the rider looking for the utmost in a competitive edge or looking for a custom bike built from the ground up by a custom frame builder.

The PRO/Custom fit includes all proceedures of the Bike Fit+ program with the addition of the following:

Interview with the cyclist

  • Goals and expectations of the custom bike
  • Planned activities with the custom bike
  • Recomendation of materials/components for the custom bike

Tuning the paramerters of your bicycle:

  • Complete custom fit on our "Size-cycle" to build a virtual bike beneath you
  • Provide drawings for custom fabrication
  • Cost of fitting deductible if you order a custom bicycle through Main Street Cycles

Cost is $199.99

All fitting services are scheduled by appointment only, and are performed by Bob Albrecht.Contace Us