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About Us

We consider our shop to be a unique blend of a pro shop and a family shop. 

Our team prides themselves on friendly knowledgeable service without an elitist attitude.


Sales Representative

Aiden's Dad got him into riding bikes at a very young age. He's been riding bikes for just about as long as he can remember. Outside of biking, playing video games is his main hobby. He gives back to the community by participating in beach trash pickups and by building and maintaining trails to help contribute to our trail systems!


Sales associate

Adam got into biking through a friend he had at the first bike shop he worked at. He had been riding bikes for 14 years now. Outside of biking, his hobbies include: Magic: The Gathering, cooking, adventure riding, camping, and graphic design. Adam gives back to the community by building and helping maintain our local trails.


Office Manager / Facilities Manager

Bob handles anything that generates paper, goes beep (Computers) or has to do with our building! Bob is a hobbyist woodworker who builds our displays, cabinets, the service center and just about anything that lets him flex his creative muscles. He is also a 34 year veteran of resale business, with 19 years as a consumer Electronics systems integrator and the last 15 years right here at Main Street Cycles. He is also our in house I.T. technician.  He truely wears many hats (or helmets in his case). As far as his love of cycling, Bob started racing road bikes as a Junior in 1986 and completed over 500 races, mostly in and around the central coast, but has raced across the country! He has slowed down after the arrival of his daughter in 2010 and now mostly enjoys riding with her and her friends.  To aid her cycling progress, Bob is a founding member of the Orcutt Kids Club (see info in "local Rides"), a local non-profit that teaches over 100 kids to mountain bike 20 weeks a year after school! Bob also helped found the famous "Brew Crew" and leads a weekly Ladies/Beginners mountain bike ride.  And to top it off he serves on a County Trails commission to help grow the local trail network. Bob is looking forward to seeing everyone out on the trails or the road, just wave hello to him or his daughter (Kaylee)!


Inventory Management

Chuck doesn't bike, but he does enjoy long walks on the beach and playing video games (mostly Far Cry) in his free time. He has a sweet tooth and keeps a stash of candy in his desk at work. Chuck also enjoys pizza, and will occasionally order pizza to share with the shop.


Service Technician

Danny's love for biking began after his parents bought him a bike for Christmas. Ever since then he has practically always been on a bike. His interest in working on bikes stems from watching his dad work on the cars he owned while Danny was growing up. Since Danny didn't have a car of his own, he would work on his bikes and quickly found that he greatly enjoyed doing so. He has been riding bikes since childhood, whether it be BMX, mountain biking, or even just commuting by bike. He started working on bikes at a non-profit bike shop called Bici Centro, located here in Santa Maria. He started volunteering there a few months after it opened. He was in Junior high school when he was officially hired at Bici Centro as an employee. Ken from Bici Centro, someone who Danny considers to be a great friend and mentor recommended him to Main Street Cycles, when they were in search of a bike builder for the winter season. That was about 4 years ago, since then he has worked as a service technician for our team here at Main Street Cycles. Outside of cycling, Danny enjoys badminton, soccer, fishing, videos games, working on his car, or spending time with his friends and family. Danny gives back to the community by helping as many people as he can with their bikes and educating people on how bikes work.


Sales Manager

Devin loves getting new or experienced riders excited to go out and ride, And getting customers stoked on new useful equipment to further their enjoyment of being on a bike. He has been riding bikes for 17 years total. Devin started out BMX racing for 10 years, then 5 years of Cross Country racing, and currently he is on his 3rd year of Enduro racing! On the weekends when he is not racing Devin likes getting out and camping! Typically he has a bike with him. But, it is so much fun exploring new locations locally and finding new routes he normally can't do during the week.


Service Manager

Jeremy started riding BMX as a kid. He really fell in love with bikes in his early 20's when he got his first decent mountain bike and suddenly had a fun and exciting way to get out into nature, exercise and build some other great skills. He has been riding bikes for 33 years. Jeremy has been a technician of some kind for over 10 years, whether it be for bicycles, motorcycles, cars, or pro audio systems, he's done it all. Outside of biking, Jeremy takes pride in caring for his mountaintop home. He also enjoys dabbling in music production, DJing and adventure motorcycling. He gives back to the community by helping to build and maintain our local trail system.


Online Marketplace/Sales Representative/Service Writer

Nick got into biking while he was in elementary school when his friend invited him to go out biking with him, after that he was instantly hooked. Nick has been working on bikes for about 13 years, and plans to continue for the foreseeable future.  Outside of biking, Nick enjoys working out at the gym, playing drums and guitar, as well as leading an active lifestyle. Nick gives back to the community by striving to be the best version of himself he can be and serving on the Worship Team at South Valley Community Church. He plays drums and a bit of acoustic guitar for the Worship Team. He also works as a Youth Intern at the church, helping middle school and high school students in the area.


Sales Representative/Service Writer

Pavel got into biking through his dad, who was an avid mountain biker and worked part time at the local bike ship in Pavel's hometown: St. Louis, MO. When Pavel turned 16 and was looking for a solid job his dad got him a job at the bike shop and he instantly fell in love with the culture. Pavel has been working on and riding bikes for over 8 years now. Outside of cycling Pavel enjoys spending time with his friends, working out, and trying new foods. Pavel gives back to the community by serving his country as an active duty officer in the United States Space Force.



Scott found his love for bikes in high school when a running injury caused him to borrow a friends Schwinn Continental 10 speed for rehab. He quickly found that he enjoyed riding and would get up early in the morning to ride before school. Once he started hanging out at the local bike shop he found that he enjoyed the culture, and being around people that rode and worked on bikes. Scott started working on his own bikes around age 12 and started his professional career at 18. He has now been in the industry for 44 years. Outside of cycling, some of Scott's hobbies include playing the guitar, hiking, and photography. Scott gives back to the community by being a responsible retailer, consistently donating to several groups and organizations and walking the talk. He enjoys leading the Saturday road group ride and providing encouragement and inspiration for people to live and develop a healthy life style.

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